STOMP London is a teenager

12 May 2015 | VIDEO

On an ordinary Monday night in May, in the heart of London’s West End, a teenager caused a riot of noise. And not for the first time.

This teen has been thumping, throwing, shaking and stamping on anything they could get their hands (and feet) on – from brooms and matchsticks to dustbins and even the kitchen sink – for 13 years in the West End.

That rowdy teen is, of course, STOMP!

To celebrate 13 years of performances in London’s West End, STOMP invited a star-studded audience to a special birthday gala show at The Ambassadors Theatre, followed by a VIP reception at The Club at The Ivy.

Familiar faces such as Tom Rosenthal, Fay Ripley, Melinda Messenger, Tyger Drew-Honey, Dakota Blue Richards, Shaun Dooley, Greg Wise, Ciara Baxendale and many more, all came out to wish STOMP a Happy Birthday.

Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, creators of the long-running international hit show, commented on the crowd, “It’s changed a lot, everyone’s younger than us!”

Greg Austin, star of ITV’s Mr Selfridge, said of the performance, “That was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a theatre,” whilst singer Elyar Fox found it hard to find words, and facial expressions, to describe the show simply stating, “That was amazing!”

STOMP at The Ambassadors Theatre, London is now booking through to January 2017. To book tickets visit:

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