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16 June 2016 | INTERVIEW

Stomp London Cast- Rhona Ashwood

One of our newest members of the STOMP cast, Rhona, has wanted to perform in the show since she was 5 years old. Read on to discover why she loves STOMP and why she always has a pair of tap shoes in her bag!

What is your stage nickname?

Rhons or Rho (depending on who’s in!)


How long have you been performing in Stomp London?

I’ve been with the company for just over a year now. It really is the most amazing job!


What’s the best thing about being in Stomp?

I’ve wanted to be in Stomp since I was five years old so to actually be part of it is absolutely incredible!


What’s your favourite object to create music with?

Brooms! Without a doubt it’s got to be brooms! Brooms is the opening number and it’s always been my favourite because of the impact it has as a piece. It builds from one simple sweep of a brush to a full-blown percussive spectacle and the power the piece has is utterly phenomenal.


Do you have any pre/post show habits or traditions?

I work out every morning to get my muscles warm before the show and I stretch every night to prevent waking up stiff the next day. I also love to have a coffee for the journey to work.


Do you have a mantra?

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


What/who inspired you to become a performer?

As I said, it was Stomp that made me want to perform in the first place. But if it hadn’t been for my mum taking me to see it and allowing me to follow my heart I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you, so I have a lot to thank her for. Thanks mum!


Do you have any unusual hobbies?

I love to exercise and I do enjoy talking a long hot bath. I’m also currently decorating my house so I’ve been doing a lot of DIY recently which is quite fun.


Do you play any other musical instruments?

I used to play the trumpet and the piano, and I’ve got a drum kit at home.


What other performance work do you do?

I’m trained in musical theatre so I sing, dance and act. Tap dance has always been a particular favourite of mine so I’ll always have my tap shoes in my kit bag, just in case!


Come and Stomp with us at the Ambassador’s Theatre, London. Book your tickets here.

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