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08 April 2016 | INTERVIEW

Stomp show in London's West End

Find out what cast member Paul Bend loves most about being in STOMP and how Green Day inspired him to become a performer…


What is your stage nickname?

I’m known as Bendy at work but the characters I play are called Mozzie and Ringo.


How long have you been performing in Stomp London?

I’ve been performing full-time in Stomp London since January 2014 but filled in occasionally during the twelve years I was touring with the show.


What’s the best thing about being in Stomp?

I got to travel the world and see fantastic places. I met my fiancée as well as lots of other great people. I’ve had numerous unforgettable experiences including performing in front of millions of people in 37 countries. I have a job I enjoy and very rarely do I have to get up early.


What’s your favourite object to create music with?

The bins. They’re loud and I like pretending to be a rock star!


Do you have any pre/post show habits or traditions?

They’ve changed over the years. I used to have a cigarette after every show but I stopped smoking in 2014. Nowadays I go back stage and force myself to do chin-ups on the set 45 minutes before the show. How times change.


Do you have a mantra?

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness IS the path.”

It’s an old one but I saw it for the first time whilst trekking through the Alps last year and liked it.


What/who inspired you to become a performer?

I was a drummer of sorts before I joined Stomp and I’ll never forget hearing the drum fills on Burnout by Green Day and thinking ‘I wanna do that’. I still can’t do that but I guess Tré Cool inspired me.


Do you have any unusual hobbies?

My fiancée and I like long distance trekking. We’ve done the Six Foot Path through the Blue Mountains in Australia, the Coast to Coast Walk through Northern England and the GR5 Trail from Geneva through the French Alps to Nice. This year we are planning our longest yet from the Bay of Biscay along the GR11 trail through the Spanish Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea. It should take us about 8 weeks. Some would say that’s quite unusual. I’m also planning on running my second marathon in December. And I’m currently learning Spanish.


Do you play any other musical instruments?

 I have two guitars and can play as many chords. But I love to sit in the hammock on a sunny summer’s day and idly strum those two chords. I used to be in a punk band called Fubar. We played a few gigs and recorded a CD. I like to listen to it occasionally and I still think we were pretty good.


What other performance work do you do?

None. I don’t think my two chords would get me very far!


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