How to STOMP up your life

14 July 2016 | ARTICLE

Stomp London kitchen sink, west end

Ever wondered how you can bring the musical joy of Stomp into your everyday life. Well, have no fear! We’ve got some handy tips on making your life a little louder using objects found around the house…

  • Don’t let bin day be a chore, make up a tune with your dustbins as you take them out for the bin man.

  • Uh Oh, someone’s made a mess in the kitchen, time to get sweeping!

  • Before making dinner why not prep your pots and pans with a little melody

  • And washing up needn’t be a bore either
    Stomp London kitchen sink, west end
  • Re-decorating? Make use of those empty paint cans and feel the rhythm

  • Car and house keys are the perfect tool for taking music on the go!
  • Who says the weekly shop is boring? Make those trolleys musical as you walk the supermarket aisles.
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