Stomp supports Camden Council’s ‘Daily Mile’ campaign

05 May 2017 | ARTICLE

Back row LtoR Andrew Patrick, Sam Wilmott, Angela Mason, Rob Shaw & Rhys Shone with students from Argyle Primary School, credit Justin Thomas

Last week, we welcomed members of Argyle Primary School in King’s Cross to the Ambassadors Theatre for a one-off workshop with members of our cast.

The children were taking part in the Camden Council’s ‘Daily Mile’ campaign, encouraging children to walk more and spend 15 minutes a day running, jogging or walking. Having walked from their school on Tonbridge Street, the children learnt a section of the Stomp brooms routine on stage with cast members Andrew Patrick, Rob Shaw, Rhys Shone and Sam Wilmott. They were also joined by Camden Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Angela Mason CBE.

Stomp are delighted to support this initiative and encourage a healthy lifestyle for the next generation.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Camden Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for Public Health, said:

“Brisk walking is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into a daily routine and be active. It can be done anywhere, and can also be done creatively – as demonstrated by children from Argyle Primary School and the cast of STOMP.

Fraser Morrison, Stomp’s Casting Director and original cast member, said:

“Our show is based on movement and activity, so it was a natural link to join forces with Camden Council and Argyle Primary School for a campaign to get people of all ages more active. We cover several miles on stage every night, in which we try to convey the fun, excitement and exhilaration of physical exercise, whether you are sweeping the floor briskly with a broom or zipping through the supermarket on your shopping trolley. The benefits of exercise expand the health of mind and body.”

Children from Argyle Primary School learning moves from STOMP, credit Justin Thomas (4) Children from Argyle Primary School outside the Ambassador's Theatre, credit Justin Thomas (3) Share This

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