10 Facts you never knew about STOMP

19 January 2016 | ARTICLE

We’re taking a look at some STOMPingly great facts about our London production and from across the globe. Read on to discover 10 interesting facts about STOMP including the props, cast and special appearances…

1. STOMP has been touring the world for over 24 years.

2. There have been over 20 thousand performances to more than 12 million people.

3. The founders of STOMP, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas first worked together in a band called “Pookiesnackenburger” in the 1980’s. Steve sang and played the fiddle and guitar, whilst Luke played percussion.

4. Globally, STOMP has used up over 50,000 boxes of matches, 30,000 brooms, 20,000 bins, 10,000 drumsticks and 25,000 litres of black paint.

Stomp Ambassadors Theatre London
5. STOMP has featured in many television adverts including a UK Heineken advert, and an international Coca-Cola advert.
6. STOMP launched in 1991 at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival after previewing at the Sallis Benny Theatre in Brighton. read the full history here.
7. Many STOMP performers are discovered through open auditions
8. The first award STOMP won was a Guardian Best of Fringe award for its run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. STOMP also won a Laurence Olivier Award for “Best Choreography in a West End Show” in 1994.
9. The largest official STOMP performance was during the 2012 London Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. 40 performers were included in the routine from 12 different countries.
10. 8 members of the STOMP London Company perform in each show.

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